Matthias Koch


Fresh from assembly wizards bench

Mecrimus-B is a bit-bang implementation of low-speed USB 1.1 for MSP430 microcontrollers.

This is experimental code, and it is under active development. Currently, it runs on a MSP430G2452 with a digital external clock source of 15 MHz or 18 MHz. With Mecrimus-B 0.4 support for MSP430F2012 with 32768 Hz crystal clocking is added and it implements an USB HID mouse.

Beware: Unlike Mecrisp, this is highly experimental code, perhaps there are monsters inside. If you know no fear and feel safe and sound buried deep in ticks and cycles, be one of the first to get your hands on. Brave testers are welcome. Initial feedback suggests that you can go without helmet :-)

To get in touch, feel free to contact me and follow discussion in the Forum.

Thanks to Christian Starkjohann, author of V-USB, who supported me with helpful insights and comments.